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Domain security

Implement effective measures to protect against DDoS attacks, identity theft and man-in-the-middle attacks.

Email security

Implement measures against e-mail spoofing, identity theft and for optimal deliverability of your e-mails.

Web security

Implement the state of the technology to protect against data manipulation or theft on your website.

Questions and Answers

What is domain security?

The term "domain security" defines all measures in technical and non-technical systems that ensure the protection goals of confidentiality, availability and integrity of domain names and related systems.

IT security is a cardinal task for every organization in the age of constantly increasing digitization and against the background of constantly increasing cyber threats and cyber attacks.

The goal of domain security is to ensure confidentiality, to guarantee the integrity and availability of its own namespace and all services and systems directly and indirectly connected to it. Confidentiality should ensure that certain data and information may only be viewed and managed by authorized and authorized users. Integrity should prevent that authentic data can be changed or manipulated unnoticed. The availability serves to avoid failures in systems and services.

To protect domain security, technical and non-technical measures are implemented across systems and their effectiveness is regularly checked and monitored.

About us

InterNexum GmbH is a global company based in Germany. As a specialized provider of corporate domain solutions, it is an important player on the international stage of the domain industry. The company is one of the leading German companies in the field of domain risk management & domain security and is involved in various national and international initiatives for more cyber security in companies.

Under the nicmanager® brand, optimal corporate domain management & cybersecurity solutions tailored to business needs are offered. The company manages around 250,000 domains for more than 4,000 customers from the fields of business, education and other institutions .

InterNexum GmbH is a partner of the Alliance for Cyber Security (ACS), an initiative of the Federal Office for Information Security (BSI), which was launched in 2012 in cooperation with the Federal Association for Information Technology, Telecommunications and New Media eV (BITKOM) was founded.As an association of all important players in the field of cyber security in Germany, the ACS has the goal of strengthening the resilience of Germany as a location against cyber attacks, expanding IT security competence in German organizations and creating a better and uniform advance situation assessment. In order to provide all interested companies with information and recommendations for action, the ACS is building up an extensive knowledge base and supports the exchange of information and experience. The alliance now includes more than 5,200 institutions, of which almost 100 are partner companies and more than 40 multipliers.

InterNexum GmbH is a subsidiary of the listed Team Internet Group PLC. With more than 40 million managed domains, the group of companies plays a leading role in the European and global domain market.

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