DNS security

Implement effective measures to protect against DDoS attacks, identity theft, and man-in-the-middle attacks.

Email security

Effectively implement measures against email spoofing, identity theft, and for optimal email deliverability.

Web security

Effectively implement the state of the art to protect against data tampering or theft on your website.

Domain security audit for corporate domains

Want to check your domain for cyber risks?

Why should I protect my domain?

Domain names play an important but often underestimated role in companies and public institutions. They form the digital identity of the organization in its internal and external presentation and communication and, as an integral part of the IT infrastructure, perform essential tasks in data processing and in system-relevant processes. The associated risks can be far-reaching and, in individual cases, threaten the existence of the company.

Domains must therefore be treated as immaterial assets and given special attention. Due to their importance, they must not be omitted from any risk assessment or evaluation of the information security to be ensured.

What is tested?

With the domainsecurity analysis, you can check your domain for obvious vulnerabilities that can also be detected by cyber attackers. In doing so, protection mechanisms of the IT-Grundschutz-Kompendium , recommendations of the Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) as well as industry standards (state of the art) are tested for their implementation and effectiveness. During the non-intrusive tests, the functionality of the domain and the associated services is not affected. No confidential data is spied out or manipulated.

How do I get the test result?

We will send you the individual link to the test result of your domain directly by e-mail. From the time of the analysis, this is valid for 30 days and can be accessed at any time within this period.

Can I request a new audit?

Yes, you can request a domain security audit at any time. If there is no current result for the domain, the audit is performed again and the time history of the domain security score is displayed.

Free analysis for your domain

The non-intrusive tests check the effectiveness of important preventive measures of IT-Grundschutz for your domain. Your IT security is not compromised by the tests.

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What is domain security?

The term "domain security" is defined as all measures in technical and non-technical systems that ensure the protection goals of confidentiality, availability and integrity of domain names and related systems.
In the age of ever-increasing digitization and against the backdrop of permanently rising cyber dangers and cyber attacks, IT security is a cardinal task for every organization.
The goal of domain security is to ensure the confidentiality , the integrity and the availability of ones own namespace and all services and systems directly and indirectly connected to it. Confidentiality is intended to ensure that certain data and information may only be viewed and managed by authorized and empowered users. Integrity is intended to prevent authentic data from being changed or manipulated without being noticed. Availability is intended to prevent failures in systems and services.
To protect domain security, technical and non-technical measures are implemented across the system and their effectiveness is regularly controlled and monitored.

About us

InterNexum GmbH is a globally active company based in Germany. As a specialised provider of corporate domain solutions, it is an important player on the international stage of the domain industry. The company is one of the leading German companies in the field of domain risk management & domain security and is involved in various national and international initiatives for more cyber security in companies.

Under the nicmanager® brand, optimal corporate domain management & cy bersecurity solutions tailored to business needs are offered. The company manages approx. 250,000 domains for more than 4,000 customers from the fields of business, education and other institutions.


InterNexum GmbH is partner of the Alliance for Cyber Security (ACS), an initiative of the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI), which was founded in 2012 in cooperation with the German Association for Information Technology, Telecommunications and New Media (BITKOM). (BITKOM). As an association of all important players in the field of cyber security in Germany, the ACS aims to strengthen the resilience of Germany as a business location against cyber attacks, to expand IT security competence in German organisations and to promote a better and uniform assessment of the situation. In order to provide information and recommendations for action to all interested companies, the ACS is building up an extensive knowledge base and supporting the exchange of information and experience. More than 5,200 institutions now belong to the alliance, including almost 100 partner companies and more than 40 multipliers.

Webpräsenz der Allianz für Cyber-Sicherheit

InterNexum GmbH is a subsidiary of the listed CentralNic Group. With more than 40 million domains under management, the group of companies plays a leading role in the European and global domain market.


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